S4OM, Thoughts on the profession

Today is Why

You may recall that Beatrice helped me realize that I need to stick with this profession.  Since then, I have been struggling with the question of why.

Today is why.

I had 3 clients today, all with a cancer diagnosis in the same organ of their bodies.  You could guess the progression and prognosis of their treatment by the hair on their heads — from bald, to pixie fringe, to long, heavy ponytail.  You could tell a little about their comfort with their bodies by their unguarded eyes — and be careful not to assume the eyes match the disease progression.  The most raw fear peeks out from under that long, heavy ponytail.

The expectations we set together have been simple, realistic, and sometimes elusive.  “Give me that glowy feeling I always get from massage.”  “Help me relax so I can sleep tonight.” “Just make my legs feel more comfortable.”  My past tendency was to say ‘Yes.  I will do that,” then spend the better part of the session worrying about whether or not I was doing that.

Today I tried something new.  Instead of “I will do that,” I started with “I will hold that intention.”  Instead of worrying about keeping my promise, I found myself present in breathing and being with the person in the room.  Out of that beginning, I found myself more able to feel and interpret what was under my hands, and feeling much more energetic at the end of the day.

I needed to learn and feel that again.  This is why I need to stick with this profession.  Or at least one of many “why”s.  It is my intention to keep open and aware for the next ones.

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