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Thailand as Fire Prevention Strategy

“I love my job, but there is also a high potential for spiritual and emotional burnout.”  

I am meeting lots of new people.  They are interested in what I do, so I find myself saying things like that a lot.  Because it’s true.  
I intend to do this work (and train other therapists to do this work) for a very long time, so I have a simple burnout prevention strategy in place.  I will tell you my secret:  
Get the heck out of town.  
Yes, it’s true.  In order to give my clients and students the support and kindness I know they deserve, I need to get away for a while.  Perhaps this might resonate for some of you if I replace “clients” with “family,” “co-workers,” or even “partner.”  When I take care of myself, I can give more to others.  For me, taking care of myself involves shifting what my eyes see so my brain can release and find new ways to interact with the world.  
It has been a particularly challenging kind of year, so I am taking a particularly dramatic break in January and February.  I will be going to Thailand and Costa Rica to explore the world and other things I love about it.  And because my clients and students are some things I love about the world, I am sharing with you here (in FAQ format) some idea of what I will be doing:
How long will you be gone?
Almost a month.  
What are you doing in Thailand?
I am going on the Thailand Adventure Trip organized by Blue Lotus in Chicago.  We will study Thai massage and other healing modalities.  I am also hoping to learn something about traditional Thai temple dances, and of course to eat all the food.  
Can I get a Thai massage when you get back?
Of course — but not from me.  Learning to practice Thai massage takes much longer than the short time I am in Thailand.  I’m sure I will learn techniques that I can incorporate into your regular massage, but for a full Thai massage, I recommend you connect with a Registered Thai Therapist.  
Wait — Costa Rica?
Yes!  This part of the trip is all for joy.  I am going on a bellydance and yoga retreat with one of my favorite teachers, the incomparable Rachel Brice.  It just happened that this trip starts just as the Thailand trip ends.
Can I learn to bellydance when you get back?
I hope you do! And why wait for me to get back?  But, again, learn from someone more qualified than I am.  I recommend my first and continuing teacher, Malik at Hip Circle Studio in Evanston.  
What will I do for massages when you are gone?
I am preparing a list of colleagues at the Heartwood Center who have similar training to me, and who may have openings during that period.  I look forward to working with each of you when I return.  I sincerely hope that you continue to make your wellness a priority while I am gone.  
What if I have more questions?

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