"Undress to your Comfort Level"

Right before she or he leaves the room, your massage therapist directs you to “undress to your comfort level” before getting on the table.

What does that mean?

Some clients have told me that they feel like they are being handed a riddle or a trick question with that one little direction — like they are being tested to see if they are really good at receiving a massage.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you get a massage, you are making the decision to trust a massage therapist with your body.  A good massage therapist will also understand that this can be a very vulnerable position for some.  Her or his highest priority will be to keep you feeling safe — like you can trust this therapist with the issues in your tissues.  A good massage therapist is also a quick, creative thinker who can adapt and craft an effective massage for you no matter what clothing you choose to leave on or take off.

When your massage therapist says “undress to your comfort level,” what she or he literally means is “take off as much or as little clothing as you wish.”  What is also meant is that how much of your body you undress is completely your decision, and your therapist will respect your boundary.  You will receive a great massage regardless of how much (or how little) you undress.  And you will be professionally and respectfully draped for the entire session.  When we give you that direction, we are letting you take control of when, where and how we work with your body.  It is just another way of letting you know that our work is guided and directed by you.

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