Thoughts on the profession


I was talking with a friend about the venues in which I teach, expressing love for the teaching, but ambivalence about the venue.  And then she said something brilliant: “You don’t have to be in that classroom to be a teacher.”

Yes.  Silly me– I thought the place defined who I was, but I forgot that definition comes from within.  So, now one of my goals for the next year is to find new, supportive venues to be who I am — educator, massage therapist, kindness-bearing human.

In the grand tradition of what you send out comes back to you, a beautiful opportunity came to me.  Starting in January, I will be teaching an ongoing muscular anatomy class at a local dance and fitness studio.  I am excited and a little overwhelmed.  There is always that moment of “Am I the right person to do this?  Couldn’t someone else do it better?”  I remind myself — I am the best person for this, because I am the one pouring my heart and energy into it.

I can’t wait to introduce a whole new audience to their own bodies.  It’s like Schoolhouse Rock said, way back when:  “It’s great to learn — ’cause knowledge is power!”

Here we go.

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