Butterflies, Google, Music and More

I have been thinking a lot about the things that draw clients back to me.  More and more, I am seeing the importance of the things that are not the actual massage.  Here are a few things that have come up lately:

Sheet Handling
A client said to me: “I feel so cared for.  And when you are moving the sheets, it feels like a team of soft butterflies working together.  Other massage therapists do all this pulling and tugging.”  She comes back to me because, among other things, she feels like the draping is just as relaxing as the massage.
Internet Presence
A new client said: “I Googled your name and everything.  I know you used to work in senior care, and you started this career later in life.  I saw the YouTube video about oncology massage so I felt comfortable that you would know what you were doing.”  She went on to apologize for “stalking” me before the appointment.  I assured her it wasn’t stalking, it was smart research.  And I was glad that what she found created a sense of comfort.
Just Being Around
Another new client: “I have meetings close to here every week, so I can just come in for a massage right after.” I am in the office when she has time.  It’s that simple.
Amenities and Equipment
“Your table heater is always even.  I don’t feel any cold spots on this table.”  When your equipment is worn out or cheap, your clients can feel it.  I am realizing that I have to spend the money on the good stuff.
My go-to music is a blend of classical pieces, but I started putting together a more varied library after a client told me the music made her tense because one of the pieces was something she had to practice often during her hated piano lessons.  
My knowledge and hands-on skills are still vital, but I am paying more attention to all the surrounding things as well.  Massage therapy is a science, an art, a business, a design project and a calling for me.

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