Thoughts on the profession

Rhythm and Flow

This afternoon, my ducklings graduated.  This class of students started massage school the same term that I started teaching.  A number of them didn’t make it through, and at least one of those still breaks my heart a little.  (I will always wonder what more I could have done for her.)

But, today was a celebration.  Their designated class speaker said a few words to and about every teacher they had.  About me she said, “you inspire us.”  Here at home, hours later, I finally feel the humbling impact of those words.  To inspire.  To give breath.  To infuse with spirit and life.

I try to give every client I touch something beyond a focused, knowledgeable treatment.  Similarly, I try to give every student I teach something beyond the material in the syllabus.  Call it energy, call it presence, call it compassion.  I call it space and time, open to be filled with whatever a client or student needs to grow.

I never really know how well I do this, especially with students.  With clients, I can see the changes in breath and posture that go along with an infusion of hope and optimism.  With students, aside from the occasional satisfying “aha” moment, I don’t know how deeply they take in what I am offering.

Today I found out –at least for these few new massage therapists.  I am remembering moments with them when we were learning together, focused intently on ourselves and the questions at hand.  I am remembering those moments of flow, where I could feel them pulling just the right words out of me — the words that made it all come together.  Their class speaker said I inspired them, but the truth is that any breath I gave them came from their own lungs.  

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