Massage Tales

There Are More Things on Heaven and Earth

Last time I wrote about Christina, and I talked a little bit about True, as in, “what happens on the table is True.” (quote by Tracey Walton.) “True” is the word that stuck with me after our session, and the word that keeps coming into my mind at unattended moments.  It came to me again in the form of Gina*, my client.

Like many of my clients, Gina has cancer.  She has a difficult cancer that most places would call end stage.  As in terminal.  As in: don’t waste your time with chemo, Gina, just enjoy the time you have left.  Gina isn’t having it.  Last time I saw her, she spoke for a long time about her quest for the next level of treatment, and about how the massages brought her to a calm place after living every day in anxiety. She asked me, in all sincerity, what kind of energy work I was doing with her.

I told her I wasn’t trained in energy work. I didn’t have that knowledge or skill, so I couldn’t possibly claim to be doing energy work on her.

Smiling, Gina said, “Bullshit!”

She climbed on the table for her session.  I focused and grounded myself, like I always do.  I massaged her gently, cautiously, and slowly, like I always do.  I silently wished her peace as I did so, like any human being would do.

Gina’s breathing slowed, her shoulders dropped.  After the session, she told me she felt a light and calm presence surrounding and infusing her body.  I thanked her, and hugged her, and decided not to wonder where that came from.


*– name and all identifying details have been changed

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