Word Oops

I am a language snob.  I like the way words go, and it makes my skin crawl when people put them together in ugly ways, especially in writing.  But, I am also a collector of misspellings, grammar errors and other language faux pas which make me giggle.  Here are three of my most recent favorites, one for each workplace:

At the spa we have a handbook outlining specific protocols for body treatments.  One of these protocols advises us to begin every treatment by washing our client’s feet in a “silver bowel.”

Come for the sugar scrub, stay for the C. Diff. Colitis.

At the school, the administration has printed up a FAQ sheet for new student representatives.  One of the issues addressed is that of the student lounge amenities.  The students have no coffee maker available in the lounge, the sheet states because the “plumping is inadequate.”

Not only is plumping inadequate, I would say, but also inappropriate.

At the medical center, we have a reference sheet listing various drugs and their side effects.  Today I noticed that many drugs list “hepatits” as a serious side effect.

I guess it would be pretty serious if your breasts turned yellow.

*** **** ***

Any favorite word oopsies out there? I’d love to add more to the collection.

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