Massage Tales

Women Who Think Too Much

I remember quite a few things about massage school, but the thing I remember most vividly is this exchange during a moment of intense frustration in an early technique class:

Teacher:Just get out of your head.
Me: I’ve been living in my head for 36 years, so I’m not going to get out just this second.

I believe I have met my in-the-head match. I gave a manual lymph drainage treatment to a woman who asked that I “narrate” the treatment so she could understand what was going on. At first I thought: “Yay! A client who really wants to take charge of her health!” But, after about 10 minutes of trying to talk from my head while working from my head and body, I was exhausted. And the questions kept coming. I could almost feel the different parts of my brain trying desperately to keep up. It was spinning plates while standing on one foot in a tub full of jelly.

I’m out of my head now. It’s all worn down up there and won’t be back until later. The sign on my door says:”Gone breathing.”

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